Partenaires et Affiliations

IVOIR’ASTRO a tissé des partenariats avec de nombreux clubs et organisations. Nous sommes membre de Astronomers Without Borders, EURASTRO World, StarPeace Project….
Quelque partenaires et affiliations d’IVOIR’ASTRO.


EurAstro is an informal, nonprofit association for professional and amateur astronomers, based in Munich, Germany. EurAstro was created in 1998.


Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) is a nonprofit organization aimed at knocking down national and cultural boundaries by encouraging a common interest in astronomy.


The International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) provides a chance for all the people of the world to look at the sky again free of all political, religious, national and racial tendencies and without any differences. The sky attracted human attention from a long time ago, but humankind who have not been captured any planet except for earth, demarcated it given his differences and made a border between himself and others. Today, the sky is as adored as it was thousands years before for the people. Not only the greatness of the universe is a block against its demarcation but also its wonder gives the humankind a chance to think about the origin and destiny of the cosmos. It joins all people’s small hands to know that all are equal.